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Immigration (Question) Should the U.S. do more to physically secure the southern border? (Answer) "Over the last few years, we have seen an alarming rate of fighting aged, single male, foreign nationals entering the country through the southern border. Many are on the F.B.I terrorist watch list. It seems we are not only allowing it, but encouraging it. Upon illegally entering, unvetted migrants are given free transportation all over the U.S and housing at taxpayer expense. This is unsustainable and dangerous. America has a constitutional obligation to safeguard our borders." (Question) Who should be allowed to immigrate to the U.S. and under what circumstances? (Answer) "Peaceful, productive families and individuals with proven track records of contributing to the societies they currently live in, asylum seekers and high performing H-1b students should all be welcomed in the United States. Good people committed to the success of the United States need an accelerated path to citizenship. Currently the immigration case backlog is 3 to 4 years just to start the legal process. This is unacceptable. It should also be noted that any citizenship derived out of illegal crossing should not have the right to vote attached to it."

China (Question) Does the Chinese Communist Party pose a serious military, cyber security, intellectual property, and global economic threat to the United States? (Answer) "The Chinese Communist Party is an increasingly lawless actor on the world stage. From questionable Covid-19 origins, cyber attacks, harmful product ingredients, China has continually displayed a disregard for American values. They are a totalitarian security state that must never be allowed to influence the value placed on humanity. No free speech, heavy civilian surveillance, and state-sponsored kidnappings for "re-education" are just a few examples of this threat to humanity."


National Security (Statemen) "$10 trillion dollars has been spent since 2001 in the Middle East fighting "terrorism," and what do we have to show for it? Is terrorism less of a threat today? Are we any safer now than in 2001? Have we seen the good fruits of 10 trillion dollars spent? America's unwavering support for Zionism has damaged its moral credibility around the world. NATO's insidious eastern expansion campaigns are in clear violation of past resolutions with Russia. These provocations must end. (Question) What are the causes of the decline in U.S. military recruitment and retention? (Answer) 1. There are 22 veteran suicides a day and waning V.A. support. 2. Unconstitutional "conflicts" eroding America's moral standing in the world. 3. Going to war based on lies. 4. An over-focus on "woke" inclusion instead of recruiting and training for competence. 5. America is increasingly standing on the wrong side of history. 6. The increasing stigma returning solders face as occupiers and colonizers. 7. America's strange, unconditional allegiance to the blood-soaked ideology of Zionism.

Palestine/Israel America's unjustified support for the Israeli apartheid state calls into question the very integrity and motives of its leaders. The U.S. consistently vetoes resolutions to stifle U.N. investigations into obvious crimes against humanity. Israel gaslights the world about its machinations while simultaneously boasting about its genocidal and colonial ambitions. The Israeli government's lawless actions are a threat to the Jewish communities around the world and bring us closer to World War 3. With over 15,000 Palestinian children killed in three months, how can any decent person support such a terrorist response? This war proves the U.S. has no leverage with the Israeli government, despite the billions of dollars we send them. All aid to Israel should be cut until they comply with human decency and criminalize their colonial ambitions. Furthermore, it is clear that the monolithic Israeli lobby has a stronghold on U.S. politicians through bribery and blackmail. The Israeli lobby in the U.S. must register as a foreign agent like any other nation. We also need to repeal the anti-boycott Israel laws in 33 U.S. states that make it illegal to hold government contracts with the state unless you pledge not to boycott Israel. How unconstitutional can we be? We can boycott America in America, but not Israel? This must be repealed. Zionist influence must no longer dictate American foreign policy. No more American soldiers need to fight and die for Zionism. I call for an immediate and permanent cease-fire, followed by the creation of a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders. Hamas, Likud, and the Palestinian Authority all need to disband. Let peace-loving leaders of both countries prevail in open elections. International law is clear about illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. This land needs to be returned to the Palestinian people with an agreement to cease tensions. Palestine must have the right to free and fair elections, their own airport and seaport, energy autonomy, and military and international diplomacy. Israel must renounce and criminalize its colonialist ambitions to land grab huge sections of the Middle East with its "Greater Israel Project." Without this explicit guarantee, we are assured more devastation and destruction for the next 50 years. Israeli citizens deserve the peace of mind that their neighbors are okay with their presence in the region. The only way to obtain this is with strong anticolonial agreements backed by the international community, mostly the might of the American military and Treasury. It is also worth noting the long history of Israel's false flag attacks on its own people around the Arab world. This must be explicitly acknowledged to ensure an extreme Israeli government can never again justify aggressions against its neighbors based on a false-flag "terrorist" attack. Menachem Begin, the "godfather" of terrorism and founder of Netanyahu's Likud party, used strategic bombings of Jewish communities in the Arab world and blamed it on the Arabs to encourage Jewish migration to Israel, all while claiming victimization. Speaking of false flag attacks, now is a good time to look at some of the inconsistencies of October 7th, which the Netanyahu government refuses to investigate until the end of what increasingly looks like World War 3. 1. It took over 6 hours for the Israel Defense Force to respond to the border breach. The I.D.F. helicopter could have easily been there in under 25 minutes. 2. Once they did respond, we have clear evidence and eyewitness testimonials that the Israeli Defense Force shelled and killed its own civilians, hostages, and Hamas fighters indiscriminately. Afterwards, they credited the death and destruction to Hamas, despite Hamas not having the capability to create such widespread destruction. 3. The overwhelming amount of contradictory or false evidence coming out of Israel's propaganda department. The evidence of "headquarter" tunnels under Al-Shifa Hospital is still nowhere to be found. 4. Prior knowledge of the October 7th attack came a year earlier from its own intelligence and a week earlier from the Egyptian government. 5. Explicit calls for Gaza to be returned to Israel, much like most of the West Bank. We have all been witnesses to the war crimes that followed, including collective punishment. It is against international law to cut off all water, food, and electricity to an innocent population. America's strange loyalty to Zionism is making American soldiers unsafe around the world and degrading our image as moral actors. Ceasefire, free the hostages on both sides and free Palestine.

Energy & Environment (Question) Do you agree? Man-made climate change is a global threat and requires urgent political action. (Answer) "Global warming advocates have been urgently sounding the alarm on the effects of man made carbon emmissions while at the same time constantly flying privately around the world to promote this cause. To me it seems like the climate crisis will be used as another attempt by the world governments to implement new taxes and control over their people. We should have more transparent debates and honest scientific discovery on this matter. Either way, the World Economic Forum shouldn't take part." (Question) What do you believe is the most reliable energy source that will supply the growing demand for electricity? (Answer) "We need a well-balanced approach to domestic energy production. Wind, solar, oil, & natural gas must work together to ensure safety and protection from an over reliance on electric infrastructures."

The Pentagon & Intelligence It is clear that it is our "intelligence" agencies that are calling the foreign policy shots. Secret, obscure, and unelected officials of the C.I.A. and F.B.I. have too much power and little to no oversight. How can we as a people determine our future when the C.I.A. is secretly overthrowing governments around the world and gaslighting the U.S. population about its actions? These organizations need to be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up with brand new personnel and strict regulations from our elected officials that improve operations and guarantee transparency. Furthermore, the Pentagon is routinely failing financial audits, suggesting we have more "black ops (unknown operations) going on than are authorized. This clandestine group of obscure men cannot be allowed to continue in this manner. To make matters worse, the Patriot Act gave these agencies the power to spy on Americans and foreign nationals without traditional warrants. Instead, they lowered the bar to spy on Americans and made it easier for our agencies to abuse their powers. Section 702 allows for these abuses and must be repealed in the reauthorization vote of the 2024 National Defense Act in May.  ( Note: Scott Peters has voted to extend this section every year he has been in office) Lastly, secret Fizer courts determine who lives and dies overseas. Anyone "suspected" of terrorism can be given a secret death warrant, and the evidence presented never has to come to light. This, too, is unAmerican and a lawless practice that needs to end. If you have evidence against another, bring it openly to the courts so that all can examine and judge for themselves. As a general rule, whenever governments seek secrecy, it is never in the interest of the people. As J.F.K. once said, "the very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society."

Education (Question) Do you support school choice, including voucher programs, tax credits, charter schools, private schools, and home schools? "Parents should have more freedom for their children to attend the school of their choice. Increasingly, parents are looking to alternative educational avenues because of the tone-deaf overreach of states, municipalites and school boards. At every turn we should be looking to empower parents to make the best decisions for the children they love and care for. Furthermore, we need a return of trade schools that can train a nation of young, competent contractors and service people." (Question) Do you support eliminating the U.S. Department of Education and giving control back to states and communities.? (Answer) "We should narrow the influence of the Department of Education. It should only serve as a safety net for underperforming schools across the country. The Department of Education should not be setting the curriculum in states and municipalities. Furthermore, we have seen an explosion of rogue school boards across the country that need to spend more time listening to the parents and the needs of the children."

Elections and Voting (Question) Do you agree? People should be able to vote without photo identification. (Answer) "In a time when election credibility is at an all time low and election interference from intelligence agencies, social media and a weaponized judicial branch are at an all time high, we must go to great lengths to ensure the integrity of each election to preserve the republic. It is the responsibility of each American who wants a voice to take the necessary steps to make themselves eligible. In addition, mail in ballots cannot be allowed to become common place. Election integrity is paramount." (Question) Should the Electoral College be abolished? (Answer) "Far too often the electoral college system has been gamed and manipulated to suit the agenda of donor and political classes. The voices and votes of the people must be counted fairly in a free and transparent election process. We need to cap campaign spending to equalize the field and remove pacs and super pacs from the political landscape. What kind of system do we have where the candidate with the most money has the best interest of the people? The due diligence of the citizen is also essential. Local media needs to call for open and vigorous debate amoungst candidates to inform the people of their options"

Economy (Question) What actions would you take that would allow Americans to retain more of their income and wealth? (Answer) "I will fight to lower taxes across the board to relieve American families and small businesses of crushing taxation and use tax dollars to improve the food, water, and air quality here in San Diego, California." (Question) Do you Agree? Student loan forgiveness unfairly shifts the financial burden to those not responsible for student debt. (Answer) Agree : "While the predatory nature of student loans is well documented, it is important not to force that burden on to the people of America. These debts should be renegotiated with the creditors that made the original predatory loans. We should also enable these loans to fall off one's record after 7 years like other consumer debt. Significant student loan debt has stifled innovation and restricted freedom of movement for generations."

Religious Liberty (Question) What does "separation of church and state" mean to you? (Answer) "The separation of church and state ensures the state doesn't meddle in the affairs of the church or other religious organizations. It should also be noted that the "church," by its very nature, will always attempt to exert its influence on populations and governments." (Question) Do you agree? Individuals and businesses should be required to provide services even if it would violate their moral and/or religious beliefs. (Answer) "We have discrimination laws that already protect against violations of civil liberties. Beyond that, private enterprise should have freedoms that support their stated mission as a business."

Chemtrails & Geoengineering What exactly are they spraying above our heads? It is my understanding that our government has allowed for experimental geoengineering programs to spray aluminum and other microparticles in the air to achieve certain results. Everything from slowing climate change to cloud seeding has been pitched. My concern is that we do not have any oversight of these programs and are simply told to trust that our government has our best interests at heart. I feel it is more likely that these sprays are causing us sickness and degrading our quality of life through this widespread pollution of our air, water, and food supply. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that we cannot and must not blindly trust unelected (or elected) officials to safeguard our most precious resources. With the World Economic Forum openly speaking about depopulation and mysterious sinus illnesses on the rise, it is clearly our responsibility to ban these aerosol spraying campaigns until we have full transparency as to their contents and long-term effects on the population. I believe that once banned, we will experience a greater quality of life.

Judicial Philosophy (Question) Do you agree? The Supreme Court should be reformed to include more seats. (Answer) "The only changes needed for the supreme court would be to allow cameras in the court room during oral arguments, impose 20 year term limits, and enforce clear legal boundaries and ethics." (Question) Do you support redirecting funds from police departments to community programs? (Answer) "Police need to enforce a just law. In the last 6 years we went from heavy-handed police and prosecution tactics to the exact opposite. The answer lies in the middle. We can not allow lawlessness to take over American cities and endanger families. Any District Attorney refusing to prosecute guilty parties must be removed from office for dereliction of their official duties. This also goes for failure to prosecute corrupt cops and those who cover up crimes and falsify reports."

Low Military Recruitment Our low recruitment struggles leave us unsafe and unprepared for an attack on American soil. We need to return to a no-nonsense approach to foreign policy. Cease engaging in financially strategic, morally bankrupt wars and only deploy military assets when our homeland is threatened. We are throwing our military all over the world to protect non-American interests, and the young people see that. Furthermore, once these troops come home, they are left to fend for themselves. Treat those who sign up to defend America with dignity and respect. They should have the best medical care available to them, as a sign of our appreciation for their service. Reasons for low recruitment 1. There are 22 veteran suicides a day and waning V.A. support. 2. Unconstitutional "conflicts" are eroding America's moral standing in the world. 3. Going to war based on lies. 4. An over-focus on "woke" inclusion instead of recruiting and training for competence. 5. America is increasingly standing on the wrong side of history. 6. The increasing stigma returning soldiers face as occupiers and colonizers. 7. America's strange, unconditional allegiance to the blood-soaked ideology of Zionism.

Equality (Question) Do you agree? Critical Race Theory (CRT) which asserts that the institutions in the United States are fundamentally racist. (Answer) "It should be common knowledge that long-standing institutions were most likely founded by and for white people. This does not mean these institutions were racist then or are now. We must take a broad look at systemic racism and its effect on those lineages it oppressed. Outlawing reading, home ownership and denying credit to a class of people can have devastating effects for generations. It is very important that our society acknowledge these truths and equally important to avoid undue shame for the decendents of perpetrators." (Question) Do you believe biological males should not be allowed to participate in women's sports or occupy biological women's spaces whether it be bathrooms, locker rooms, sorority houses, women's shelters, or prison. (Answer) "We must not allow the personal beliefs of others-- despite how inclusive we wish to be-- infringe on the rights of biological female to compete amongst themselves for recognition. Biological males, in general, have an unfair advantage over their biologically female counterparts. In the case of incarceration, a biological male can impregnate biological females in prison. This has caused a lot of heartache and confusion. In addition biological males could pose a threat to female safe spaces."

Values (Question) Do you agree? Marriage is a God-ordained, sacred and legal union of one man and one woman. No government has the authority to alter this definition. (Answer) "The L.G.B.T.Q community deserves all the rights afforded to heterosexual couples." (Question) Do you Agree? Children are the most vulnerable members of society and must be protected from abuse, including gender ideology, grooming, and bodily mutilation. (Answer) Strongly Agree : "If children under the age of 18 can't buy cigarettes or alcohol, why should they be allowed to make serious medical decisions that could negatively affect them the rest of their lives? The medical industry must use the least invasive methods to address childhood gender confusion. Children should be protected from making hasty decisions during their formative years. This weighty conundrum should never be decided without parental consent. The first rule is, and should always be, "Do No Harm." (Question) Should taxpayer funds be used to provide gender transition services? (Answer) "Taxpayers should not be forced to foot the bill for these procedures. It would be up to the individual or their insurance provider to fund gender transition services. This is especially true when it comes to minors. A child under the age of 18 should be temporarily discouraged from gender reassignment until maturity, as studies show most kids come out as gay rather than transgender when given more time. These experimental and often irreversible procedures on minors should be illegal." (Question) Briefly describe your spiritual beliefs and values. (Answer) "As a child I was not pushed into a religion but allowed space to find one. I have studied the great texts of the Torah and the gospel. I have researched the Essenean Jesus. I have come to the conclusion that I pray to the same God Christ did. I believe you do unto others as you want done to you. Treat all people with respect. Look out for one another despite color and ethnicity. I believe that white & black, gay & straight, old & young, Jew & gentile, rich & poor need to come together, look for common cause and discover ways to serve one another. Surely the sophisticated among us know the concept of divide and conquer. I call on humanity to rise above and see what collectively ails us. Then create goodwill and address it."

World Economic Forum (Question) Should environmental and social issues, like ESG (environmental, social, and governance) ratings, be used as criteria in deciding where to invest public monies? (Answer) "While environmental and social impact must always be taken into account when deciding government policy and investments, it is important not to depend on tyrranical global entities such as the World Economic Forum's climate and carbon tax agenda which threatens the freedoms and the very spirit of America. It is my opinion that the global E.S.G movement is nothing more then another method of control that is being imposed on a trusting and unsuspecting public. The W.E.F is openly speaking about depopulation, digital central bank currency and banning private ownership. This could not be more unamerican and we should ban or limit American particiaption in such misguided and satanic princibles."

Healthcare (Question) Under what circumstances (if any) should a government, school, or employer be allowed to require vaccinations? (Answer) "In America, we must be free from mandates that require the injections of experimental drugs with unknown consequences. Covid-19 and the subsequent vaccine calamity should be a warning to all Americans to be vigilant about our health and treatments." (General Healthcare Statement) "Health care must be available to all that need it. The current model of Healthcare pricing is bankrupting the country. Common sense pricing restrictions need to be in place to stop healthcare billing exploitations. Fraud and abuse are a major problem in the industry."

2nd Amendment/Gun Rights (Question) "What restrictions on gun ownership are needed to protect public safety? (Answer) "The 2nd amendment acts as a deterrent against a tyrannical or treasonous government. Gun ownership should never be restricted barring a few exceptions: * A recent violent conviction within ten years * A diagnosed mental illness coupled with a credible and specific threat to the safety of others. As always these decisions can be appealed in court if the individual feels their rights have been revoked unjustly."

Right to Life (Question) Do you agree? Abortion providers, including Planned Parenthood, should not receive taxpayer funds from federal, state, or local governments (including Title X grants). (Answer) "This is a states' rights issue. The federal conversation around abortion serves as a distraction from more pressing federal issues on liberty and freedom. If the people of individual states decide they want to fund and support abortion clinics that is their business. On a personal note, speaking as someone who has experienced an abortion with a past girlfriend 23 years ago, it is something that I deeply regret. However I remain dedicated to every person's right to bodily autonomy."

Homelessness To tackle our immense homelessness crisis, we must understand those individuals who participate in this nomadic lifestyle and the perks of it. Generally, these individuals suffer from some sort of mental illness and/or drug or alcohol addiction. This nomadic lifestyle affords these individuals the opportunity to live among other individuals with similar habits and interests while maintianing a sense of individual freedom from traditional responsibility. Solving this issue is complex, but I offer a few concrete steps toward a better city for all. 1. Incentivize voluntary treatment and ongoing sobriety or care with safe shelter and support. 2. Set up long-term treatment facilities with the capacity to operate in the field and engage the community where it is. 3. Encourage at every stage sustainable, self-reliant care so the individual can start contributing to society outside of the program. 4. Partner with other cities to voluntarily transfer those who have irreconcilable locational issues. Drugs, gangs, etc. As we have seen, simply handing out housing and money doesn't work. We need comprehensive, compassionate care to engage our homeless population in sustainable, productive cooperation.

Entertainment and Satanic Symbolism Have you seen an alarming amount of demonic symbolism and imagery in everyday life lately? Are your children consistently exposed, against your will, to sexually explicit and inappropriate songs and media? We need to have a reckoning in this country. Our "entertainment" is watered down, consisting of mediocre talent across the board. Just like our subpar political options, patrons are left wondering, "Is this the best we have to offer as a nation?" Worse yet, it aims to degrade the moral and intellectual progress of our youth. Collectively, we need to call out this symbolism in our society. Since when did seeing blood, flames, upside-down crosses, pentagrams, and horns become so cool? Is it any wonder that these same mediocre and undeserving "artists" do not speak about important social issues that would hurt the very corporations that maintain their fame? American Idol has shown the world that anyone can be a star with the right machine behind them, regardless of what people think. We need to start asking why the indecency? Why push this filth? We must boycott brands and corporations that push this banel trash on us constantly and seek to replace these imposters with real artisans. Bring back beauty to public spaces and shame this filth into the shadows where it belongs. On a related note, we have a cancer in the black and brown communities, drugs, discouraging discrimination and destructive "role models" have all purposefully been funded to subvert the collective empowerment of these communities. There is an old saying: "Elevate the worst among them, and the youth will follow." Do we see the best and brightest of the African American community on display in mass media? Hip hop, ganster rap, and drill music are just a few examples of this purposefully destructive force on society. Is there any wonder why we have elevated gun violence, brazen cinematic attacks, and no snitch culture amongst these groups? Ambitious and frustrated young men and women are left seeking fleeting criminal "opportunities", short-term sexual gratification, and wasting valuable time, energy and resources in the process. It is time we called this destructive force out and those who fund it. These "entertainers" don't write their own checks; corporations do. These same corporations are heavily invested in the prisons of America. African Americans are becoming increasingly aware of this fact while they struggle to find alternative forms of education and entertainment. We are raising too many young people who know the ins and outs of prison and gang culture and know nothing about buying and selling stocks, real estate, or investing. We need to get real for the sake of our children, who are forced to listen to and watch this garbage pushed by society's biggest corporations. Bring back trade schools, teach financial literacy, promote owning businesses, and provide value to our communities over glorified violence. My current critique should not be misinterpreted to say African American culture is mostly bad. It is rich with some of the world's greatest leaders, builders, healers, inventors, artists, and thinking minds, but all these accoplishments are covered up by the new shiny object of gangsterism. We must ensure our young people do not fall victim to such an obvious deception.

About Me (Statement) I am a free and independent thinker. Each issue is complex and requires ideas and thought to formulate a plan of action. It is also important for one to ensure they are not deceived. For a deceived people are an enslaved people." (Question) What do you think is the general purpose of government? (Answer) "To ensure the liberty and safety of the people under its care. Far too often governments grow tyrannical and heavy-handed. Historically, this always leads to despotism." (Question) Have you ever been penalized for sexual misconduct in either civil or criminal court? If so, please explain. (Answer) "No" (Question) Have you ever been convicted of a felony? If so, please explain. (Answer) "No"

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